Anglo Nordic Gives Heating Oil Installers A Lift

Photograph of Anglo Nordic OUF 88 Oil Up Feeder Oil Lifter
Anglo Nordic Announces OUF88 Oil Lifter Revisions

Installing an oil lifter can be a time consuming, not to mention a downright awkward job for even the most experienced heating oil engineer.

In the event of incorrect installation, it can also prove an expensive job… heating oil spills after all don’t come cheap. As a safety measure it is recommended that oil lifters should always be installed with either a return line to the storage tank, or a leak detection device to shut off the flow of oil in case a problem arising.

To help overcome many of the issues installer frequently come across when installing oil lifters, heating oil equipment specialist Anglo Nordic now offer its ever-popular OUF88 Oil Up Feeder, complete with leak detector and drip tray. Designed to reduce installation time and complexity, it’s ideal for those heating oil installations where a return line to the oil tank simply isn’t possible.

For those installations where a return to the oil tank is practical, the OUF88 can also be supplied without a drip tray. And for legacy OUF88 installations, the good news is that the leak detector and drip tray can also be easily retrofitted.

An IP66 rated weatherproof enclosure can additionally be supplied to allow the oil lifter to be mounted on an outside wall of a property, if internal installation is not possible.

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Source: Anglo Nordic

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