Baxi launches new Bioflo Biomass Boiler

The UK’s largest boiler manufacturer Baxi, has recently unveiled the latest addition to the company’s range of biomass boilers – the Baxi Bioflo. Due to the product’s compact dimensions and what Baxi describe as a stylish design, the Bioflo can be installed in the living space of properties off the mains gas-grid, as well as in more traditional ‘out of sight’ locations e.g. external boiler houses.

Pellets are manually fed into the Baxi Bioflo using the fuel hopper on the top of the boiler and are stored in the 34kg capacity rear compartment. The boiler automatically fires when the control system signals a heating requirement and pellets are released into the combustion chamber by an intelligent feed system. Once even combustion is achieved, the Baxi Bioflo automatically switches to efficient, modulation mode, varying output between 100% and 30 % (12kW – 3.8kW) according to demand.

Baxi’s Head of Low Carbon Sales, Graham Parkes says, “Biomass fuels, such as the wood pellets burned in Baxi Bioflo, are classed as carbon neutral, because they absorb as much carbon when they are growing as they do when they are burned.  Use of local, managed fuel sources means biomass can maintain a truly carbon neutral and sustainable balance.”

Baxi Bioflo is MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified.  This means that homes where it is installed will qualify for the forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme, as long as it fitted by an MCS accredited installer.  Baxi offers a four-day BPEC certified training course which covers theory, systems, product, application, installation and commissioning.  The course can be used as evidence of training for installers applying for MCS accreditation.

Baxi Bioflo does not require planning permission and it can additionally be used in a Clean Air Zone.  The householder can choose the attractive Granite or the lighter Pearl finish.  It is simple to operate and economical to run and can provide clean, carbon neutral heating and hot water all year round.     

Its ease of installation and compact size makes specification of Baxi Biomass an attractive option for private developers and social housing providers looking to meet Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, particularly in rural, off mains gas areas.  Baxi’s NewDesign team can provide expert advice on siting, sizing, SAP calculations, installation and commissioning.

Baxi Bioflo is supplied with a one-year parts and labour warranty as standard.  Baxi also offers onsite commissioning support through its service division, heateam

Also available in the Baxi range are the Baxi Multi-Heat pellet burning boiler and the Baxi Solo Innova log burning boiler.  These biomass boilers also have MCS certification and are particularly suited to larger rural properties in off mains gas areas.  A new brochure has been created to help installers explain the various biomass options available and to help their customers decide which model is suitable for them.  It outlines the specification and benefits of all Baxi Biomass boilers, as well as providing information on legislation, Building Regulations, support and frequently asked questions.