Building Regulations: 2010 Editions of Approved Document F, J and L Now Online

The 2010 editions of the Building Regulations Approved Documents F, J and L in England and Wales, have been discretely published by the Department for Communities and Local Government. The documents can now be read and downloaded in their entirety from the DCLG website:

The new Approved Documents will be effective from 1 October 2010.

Despite the low key launch of the three new Approved Documents, there has been stinging criticism from oil heating technicians to Approved Document J in particular. Following the failure of Labour’s Secretary of State for Coummunities and Local Government John Denham, to reform the oil storage provisions within the ADJ, the revised document has already been variously described as a ‘Cowboys Charter’ and ‘incomprehensible’. There have also been calls for the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) to arrange a meeting with Mr. Denham’s successor at the DCLG in an attempt to address widespread industry concerns, as a matter of urgency.