Flotta Oil Terminal Celebrates It’s 40th Year

Flotta Oil Terminal Celebrates It's 40th Year

Flotta Oil Terminal, based in Orkney, marked its 40th anniversary with a celebratory dinner earlier this week.

Senior management from Repsol Sinopec Resources UK and Allistair Carmichael, MP of Orkney and Shetland were among the invitees to the celebration.

During their address to those gathered for the occasion, Bill Dunnett, managing director of Repsol Sinopec Resources UK, and Flotta Terminal operations managers Ian Tulloch and Gary Marshalsey, all spoke of the pride that the workforce on Flotta have in the work that they do, describing them as real assets to the company.

Mr Dunnett, said that it was a real honour for him to be in Flotta for the occasion, adding that he was delighted that the company could also take their partners and shareholders to Orkney while marking the milestone.

He described the terminal as “an important hub asset” for the company, saying that he had been very impressed by the work which had been undertaken since he had been involved over the last two and a half years, highlighting safety and environmental performance aspects, as well as the industry leading uptime performance of the terminal.

The terminal, located on the Island of Flotta in the Orkney Islands, was commissioned in 1977 and expected to be in operation for approximately 16 years. Fourty years on, the Flotta Terminal is looking towards the future. Dunnett announced that the company saw feed platforms – which currently supply Flotta with its oil – producing into the 2030’s.

He added: “It certainly looks good for the next 10 years, and there is opportunity for more production. We are looking at new satellite fields to tie back in to restart production from. We are growing production and are a growing company at the moment.”

Those present for the anniversary were also given a tour of the terminal, having enjoyed a lunch served by terminal caterers Sodexo which was based on the actual lunch served at the inauguration of the facility 40 years earlier.