Weather models confirm historic freeze for the U.K. as Scandinavian and Siberian systems hit

Weather models have confirmed that a lengthy and possibly historic freeze is about to hit Britain. Freezing winds from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia will set in from the middle of this week.

Weather maps show sub-zero air engulfing the nation by the middle of next week. It has sparked warnings to prepare for extreme cold weather which is likely hold out through the start of spring.

Sub-zero Siberian winds edge into southern and eastern Britain from Wednesday causing temperatures to drop. With the bitter windchill it will feel like -10C in parts.
Experts warn that even daytime temperatures will struggle to get much above freezing. It threatens to be the most severe late-winter cold snap since 2013.

Grahame Madge, Met Office spokesman, said:

“We expect to see temperatures drop from Wednesday as a cold easterly flow develops from Scandinavia or even further east from Russia and Eastern Europe.”
“While initially we expect very cold and dry conditions, at some point during we cannot rule out the possibility of significant snowfall. There will be a windchill factor over the coming days which will make it feel much colder than temperatures suggest.”

Health experts have warned vulnerable people to take extra care with extreme cold weather likely to worsen some health conditions. A spokesperson for England’s Department of Health states:

“Remember keeping warm will help keep you well.”