Hoval Practices What It Preaches With New BioLyt Installation

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Hoval Switches To Biomass For Office Heating

Practicing what it preaches, heating specialist Hoval has installed one of the company’s BioLyt 25 wood pellet biomass boilers to provide space heating for the company’s offices in Newark.

The new BioLyt, which has a firing range of 7.3kW to 24.9kW, has been connected into the existing wet radiator system without modification.

Hoval’s Managing Director Adrian Walker says, “Our factory is already heated by one of our own STU wood pellet boilers so, as part of our ongoing sustainability programme, it made sense to extend renewable heating to the offices. As well as helping us to minimise our own environmental impact it is an ideal way to demonstrate the benefits of biomass heating to our customers whilst also generating an income stream from the Rewewable Heat Incentive.”

The installation includes a 500 litre thermal storage vessel, a 3 tonne capacity fuel store complete with an automated pellet feed system.

The BioLyt boiler is fitted with a Hoval TopTronic controller to ensure optimum efficiency with minimum emissions through precise control of the combustion process. It also controls pellet feeding using an auger and vacuum system to move pellets from the bulk fuel store to the boiler. In addition, the TopTronic provides weather compensation control and aligns heat output to the heating load of the building.

A new stainless steel twin-wall chimney was additionally installed to ensure effective dispersion of the products of combustion as well as smooth operation of the boiler.