Ideal Commercial Boilers On A Roll

Ideal Commercial Boilers On A Roll

Ideal Commercial Boilers recently celebrated the completion of its 30,000th Evomax commercial condensing boilerIntroduced in 2011, the Evomax wall hung range, developed and manufactured at Ideal’s Hull site, is the company’s best-selling commercial boiler.

Darren Finley, Chief Commercial Officer at Ideal Commercial Boilers, says: “Ideal Commercial has a 100-year tradition of innovation, and we focus on continuous improvement to meet the evolving needs of specifiers, contractors and installers alike. Sales of Evomax have far surpassed our original estimates; we are very proud that one in five commercial wall hung boilers currently sold in the UK is an Evomax.   

“Our milestone reflects years of meticulous design, careful component selection and a focused manufacturing process to make the Evomax a commercial boiler with proven reliability. Plus, since production began, we’ve introduced frame and header kits that allow you to install up to six boilers in cascade with a combined capacity of up to 600kW, so large applications benefit as well.”  

Evomax – Did you know? 

Laid end to end, 30,000 Evomaxs would stretch for 25½ kilometres (nearly 16 miles) – that’s over 11 times across the Humber Bridge. 

30,000 Evomaxs would cover over 1 ½ Wembley pitches, or KCOM Stadium pitches, home to Hull City football club and Hull FC rugby league club.

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