NI Consumers Set To Save With New Platform

NI Consumers Set To Save With New Platform

Heating oil users in Northern Ireland are set to to save up to 20% with, a revolutionary new platform in which consumers can purchase their home heating oil., the brainchild of County Tyrone entrepreneur Barry Walls, promises to reduce home heating bills by allowing individual customers and businesses to benefit from bulk buying via an automated group buying platform.

Orders placed on the site are grouped together in batches of 10 to 20 who are located within the same area. Suppliers who have a depot within 20 miles of this area are invited to bid to supply the entire bulk order. The lowest price supplier wins the bulk order and will essentially save both time and money in the delivery process.

“According to government statistics, around 42 per cent of households in Northern Ireland are in fuel poverty, which means they spend more than 10 per cent of their household income on energy costs.

“It’s important households reduce their energy expenditure, and will help them do so by offering the cheapest home heating oil prices in the market. It really is a simple concept,” he added.

“The price consumers pay is based on the best bulk price for 9,000-11,000 litres, which we estimate will save them up to 15 per cent on the standard retail price,” added Walls, whose company has spent the last 18 months and approximately £100,000 developing the platform.

“With more than two thirds of people in Northern Ireland currently using home heating oil, this is a significant innovation in how oil is purchased with large savings to be enjoyed on an annual basis.”

Ross Patterson at Patterson Oil believes the PriceLayer model is a win-win situation for both suppliers and consumers, adding: “This new buying platform is a game changer in this industry, enabling us to service customers more efficiently than ever.

“It has the potential to save us considerable time and money by bringing us bulk orders in a small geographical region, generating new business for us and reducing our marketing costs while at the same time maximising our delivery speed and minimising fuel usage.”

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