Rix Specifies Alpeco… Again.

Rix Petroleum (Hull) Limited has ordered a dozen new 6-wheel tankers, together with 3 8-wheel tankers, specifying Alpeco as the company’s preferred supplier of specialist equipment, as it expands and replaces its existing road tanker and trailer fleet.

Three of the new 6-wheel tankers are set to replace existing vehicles while the other 9, together with 3 8-wheel tankers contribute to a major expansion of the fleet.

Rix Petroleum generally replace their fuel delivery tankers about every ten years or so, even though the manufacturers warranty suggests they are good for fifteen years service. Vehicles can be kept longer if they are performing economically. The rationale behind this replacement schedule is that the company will then always have a modern reliable fleet. Trailers are routinely replaced every fifteen years.

The three recently delivered 6-compartment semi trailers were built by Spanish manufacturer Cisternas COBO and are all fitted with Alpeco bottom loading and vapour recovery equipment.  They are also equipped with Alpeco over-fill protection systems and a Mouvex CC8-65 cargo pump, a compact unit that  delivers up to 1100LPM and is compatible with diesel, heating oil, petrol, bio diesel, paraffin and kerosene.

The 15 new rigid fuel delivery tankers are being built in the UK, by Wakefield-based Tasca Tankers, another respected manufacturer.  Mike Fisher of Rix Petroleum has specified Alpeco Limited equipment which for the vehicles now under construction will feature Alpeco’s latest TE550 Checkmate II meter control system in addition to their metered product uplift system.

The TE550 Checkmate II metering system boasts advanced software incorporating the facility to handle up to 7 different products, additive injection, fully automated temperature compensation, and precise electronic flow and pressure control. The all-new TE550 Checkmate II supersedes the original TE550 and houses all system controls in a redesigned cabinet fascia. NMO/MID system approvals have been fully amended for the new product and enable the use of temperature compensation plus minimum delivery volume of 150 litres.

The escalating cost of oil over recent years, has seen all oil-based product prices rise considerably.  These cost increases have exerted great pressure on margins for all in the industry and consequently, operators want maximum efficiency and return from the equipment they fit to their trucks. The accurate delivery of product regardless of temperature has long been a problem in the industry due to the fact that liquid fuels expand and contract as temperature changes.  All Alpeco meters have the capability to upgrade to TVC.

Contamination can prove to be another frequently encountered problem.  It can be extremely costly when the wrong product is delivered into a customers heating oil tank, quite apart from the associated difficulties such as loss of client confidence, etc.  Alpeco’s TE550 Checkmate II metering system addresses and overcomes these issues.

Traceability and accountability is a third problem, especially with the spiralling cost of oil-based products.  The Alpeco i-Meter, which starts road trials on Rix Petroleum vehicles in the near future, is a unique, cost effective tracking device which not only tracks any tanker to which it is fitted, but monitors and reports all meter and delivery information back to HQ.  This simple but extremely clever device can be mounted onto any Alpeco TE550 meter system quickly and easily.  Once installed it records and reports all tanker activity in real time. A web-based, password-protected “Dashboard Viewer” allows the despatch office to view the position and route for each tanker as well as download PDF copies of the meter ticket immediately after each delivery.

Rix Petroleum are also about to undertake trials of Alpeco’s new special Gas extractor system incorporating LCSOUND, an ultrasonic air sensor that continuously monitors for the presence of air or gas in liquid fuel metering systems.  LCSOUND utilises ultrasonic energy to monitor the liquid flow.  When the presence of air is detected in the in the fuel LCSOUND signals the TE550 to slow or momentarily to stop the flow until air has been evacuated through the air release, after which LCSOUND signals the TE550 to continue the delivery. LCSOUND is MID approved for use with all Alpeco truck meter systems and is designed to work in conjunction with the TE550 electronic register.

Mike Fisher, Group Operations Manager at Rix Petroleum recently said. “The products we have specified and are trialling are prime examples of Alpeco’s forward thinking mentality.  We know from past experience that Alpeco will fully support their products and all of their engineers will be fully trained on all systems.”