Safer Tanks For Homeowners

OFTEC is calling for homeowners to consider upgrading their tanks to safer and more robust double-skinned or “bunded” models.

With an estimated 700,000 homes in Ireland reliant on oil as their primary fuel source, it is advised that homeowners prioritise their tank health and check their current tank for any signs of disrepair.

OFTEC’s call for homeowners to consider choosing bunded tanks is due to their superior quality and the safety of double-skinned tanks. These tanks are essentially “a tank within a tank”, which means that even if the inner tank suffers leakage, the secondary level of containment will prevent an external spillage. Bunded Tanks are now required at commercial, industrial, institutional and commercial premises.

These tanks are becoming increasingly popular as accidental oil spillages can be extremely costly. Spillages like these are typically not covered under insurance, are extremely harmful to the environment and are the homeowner’s responsibility to clean up. Causing many to opt for bunded tanks over any other tank on the market.

Homeowners are being encouraged to check their tank using markers which include sun bleaching, rusting, cracking, checking oil filters and valves in order to indicate how healthy their tank is. Doing so will give homeowners an indication as to whether they should replace their existing tank with a new one.

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