School forced to closed due to no heating oil wasn’t hit by thieves

Methlick School Scotland

Methlick Primary School had to close for a day due to a lack of heating oil, Police have revealed this was not as a result of theft.

Police in Scotland launched an investigation earlier this month into the apparent theft of 2,000 litres of heating oil – worth about £500 – from the North-east School.

Although the school’s report to Police was well-intended it now turns out that the oil was never stolen.
The school started back on 10th January after the Christmas break but teachers had to send the children home at 11am after it was evident there was no heating oil. The school was able to reopen the following day after an emergency oil delivery.

The school reported it to the Police as they believed that the heating oil had been stolen.

Pc Kerr Baptie stated, at the time: “This incident resulted in the school requiring to close at short notice which would have caused great inconvenience to staff, parents and pupils.”
There was also an appeal for “anyone who may have seen anything suspicious” in the area.

Staff of the school had misjudged the amount of oil it had and so they were surprised it had run out. When they looked at their tank they believed someone had tampered with a vent and so called the police.

Police in Scotland have now reported: “Following a report of a theft of heating oil from Methlick Primary School in Methlick, police can confirm inquiries have concluded and it has been established no crime was committed.”

Pc Baptie said: “We are grateful for the assistance of staff, parents and all those who use the school while inquiries were carried out.”