SEaB Unveils New Generation Flexibuster Anaerobic Digesters

Photograph of SEAB's Flexibuster Launch
SEaB Unveils Next Generation Flexibuster Anaerobic Digestion System

SEaB Energy has launched its new generation Flexibuster anaerobic digesters, which convert food scraps into energy. The next generation Flexibuster was launched earlier this month, with guest of honour, Conservative MP, Caroline Nokes MP in attendance.

The company’s new Flexibuster is the first model built in co-operation with British manufacturing partner G3 Systems. According to SEaB, it marks ‘a big leap forward in performance and usability that will offer even greater sustainability benefits to businesses with waste’. The patented system turns food and organic waste into heat, electricity, water and fertiliser, all of which can be re-used on site.

Speaking at the launch, Sandra Sassow, CEO of SEaB Energy, said, “The launch of this new generation of product is a major landmark in the development of our company. We have taken a conceptual idea through to commercialisation and now we’re beginning to mass produce in order to meet the demand. With rapid urbanisation in emerging and developing markets worldwide, solutions for radical new approaches to distributed power generation and localised waste disposal are key.  Flexibuster is the game changing waste and energy solution for Future Cities worldwide”.

The new Flexibuster is now housed in a compact 20 foot container making it easier for customers to site. SEaB Energy has also boosted the performance of the unit further by lowering the parasitic load and increasing the efficiency of the anaerobic digestion process. The system configuration has also been simplified to allow for what is described as ‘plug and play’ installation and a reduced installation footprint.

The launch event was held at SEaB Energy’s offices at the University of Southampton Science Park, was attended by the company’s customers, partners and distributors and included representatives from Southampton General Hospital, G3 Systems, Feed Worldwide, Chase Global, Port Pods Ltd, J&S Franklin and the University of Southampton Science Park.

SEaB also announced the appointment of a product distributor in France, helping extend the company’s global reach. Meantime and back in the UK and the company has also confirmed the appointment of a Northern Ireland distributor.

Source: SEaB Energy

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