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UK Budgets 57% Carbon Reduction By 2030

HM Government today confirmed it is accepted the Committee on Carbon Change’s (CCC) recommended carbon budget, which lays out a 57% reduction in carbon...
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CCC Tells Government, Urgent Action Now Required On Climate Change

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC), HM Government’s independent climate advisor, has warned that “urgent action” is needed now to avoid increasing costs and...
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WWF: UK Needs ‘Warm Homes, Not Warm Words’

WWF’s latest UK energy report entitled ‘Warm homes, not warm words’ claims to highlight how the opportunity to create warm, affordable, low-carbon homes and...
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Scottish Government Responds To CCC Report

The Scottish Government has responded to the Committee on Climate Change’s advice to HM Government on the Fourth Carbon Budget, which covers the period...

CCC Concludes No Basis To Change Fourth Carbon Budget

The UK's Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has today advised that there has been no change in the circumstances upon which the fourth carbon...

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