Viessmann And Panasonic Announce Europe’s First Domestic PEFC System

German boiler manufacturer Viessmann and Japanese electronics giant Panasonic, have jointly developed a new fuel cell cogeneration system, which will become the first polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) fuel cell system available for single family homes in Europe.

In developing an integrated system designed for European markets, Panasonic and Viessmann have set up a joint development agreement and jointly designed the complete fuel cell system. The fuel cell unit has been developed by Panasonic and will be manufactured in Japan, with Viessmann responsible for integration and final product assembly.

Compared to separate heat and power generation, it is claimed fuel cell based micro combined heat and power systems (mCHP) have the potential to reduce overall CO2 emissions by 50 per cent.

Sales will commence in Germany next year, with sales in export markets to follow. By 2020, Panasonic and Viessmann forecast a five-digit number of systems will have been installed in Germany and other European countries. Product availability in the UK and Republic of Ireland has not yet been confirmed.