Heating Oil Users Must Get What They Pay For, Says NIOF

David Blevings
David Blevings

The Northern Ireland Oil Federation (NIOF), which represents over 60 home heating oil distributors in Northern Ireland, has sought to reassure heating oil users after a North Down fuel distributor appeared in court, charged with defrauding a customer.

David Blevings, NIOF Executive Director says, “Both the quality of the fuel sold by distributors and the measuring equipment used, must conform to very strict standards. Before a distributor can make any deliveries metering equipment must be date stamped and sealed by Trading Standards.

“Oil customers must always receive the amount of oil they have ordered and paid for. Members of NIOF have signed up to a Customer Charter giving consumers’ added confidence in their purchase. The NIOF Customer Charter provides consumers with information on what level of service they can expect from a NIOF distributor member. The charter includes information on payment options, best value, energy efficiency and advice for vulnerable customers. It will also help customers get the most from a distributors’ service, and includes advice on how to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service or have ideas for improvement.

“A recent customer survey found that overall satisfaction was high, with 79% of respondents indicating that they were either very or fairly satisfied with heating oil as a fuel to heat their home”, adds David.

Northern Ireland has the highest prevalence of heating oil usage in the UK, with over 60% of homeowners and householders using oil for domestic space and water heating.