Alpeco supplies unique Pump System – OilFiredUp

Wessex Petroleum Limited is one of only three Exxon Mobil Main Distributors in the United Kingdom and from the company’s depot in Hythe, near Southampton, services customers in London and southern England, as far north as Northampton.

An ISO 9001:2008 accredited business, Wessex Petroleum distributes Exxon Mobil lubricants using two special road tankers. Built to the highest engineering standards, each tanker is fitted with dual manifolds, two pumps, two LC meters with TE550 dual electronic registers and a central CPU – supplied to French tanker manufacturer, Magyar by Aylesbury based Alpeco Limited.

The multi-compartment vehicles are designed to carry a variety of lube oil products which are discharged to the customer through each of two hydraulically driven pump and metering systems. Cross contamination between products is avoided through the use of a specially designed dual manifold system and a pneumatic hose blow-down system. This can be activated remotely by the driver from the end of the delivery hose.

David Fairchild, the Managing Director of Wessex Petroleum said ‘We chose a French manufactured truck simply because we needed a dedicated, specialist vehicle to deliver premium lubricants, including the Mobil 1 product. This is the first job Alpeco did for us and other than some initial teething problems, the systems have worked perfectly’

Wessex Petroleum delivers lubricants to garages, manufacturing companies and a host of other users from their south coast depot where their extensive fleet of delivery trucks is based. The company has a large, state-of-the-art storage and filling warehouse for the products it delivers.

Adrian Baskott, Alpeco’s Sales & Marketing Director advised, ‘The Wessex Petroleum trucks are unique as they are fitted with our Dual T550 electronic registers which have the unique ability to control up to 4 metering systems simultaneously. This is the only system on the market using just one CPU (central processing unit) to provide control of 4 meters. The systems work perfectly and offer the complex level of control the client required.’