An end to overfills? – OilFiredUp

The UK’s two leading tank accessory manufacturers have unveiled very different approaches towards preventing one of the main causes of oil based, environmental pollution…. tank overfills.

Wiltshire based Atkinson Equipment Limited, have recently advised details of new overfill prevention technology for use at oil storage installations.

The Atkinson FilStop uniquely combines a regular 2” fill point with an overfill prevention valve. When filling the tank, the tanker driver connects the fuel hose as normal to the FilStop’s metal fill point. Once the level of fuel in the tank reaches a predetermined level, the valve will close to prevent any more fuel entering the tank – thereby avoiding a potential pollution incident.

Several tank manufacturers are now offering FilStop equipped tanks as standard. The system can also be easily retrofitted to existing tanks – simply unscrew the existing 2” fill point and replace with the FilStop system. If a tank is not currently fitted with a 2” fill point, then it is simply a case of cutting a hole in the top of the tank with a hand drill and hole cutter and placing attaching the FilStop to the tank. Fill installation and operating instructions are supplied with each product.

Atkinson claims that the system is suitable for fill rates between 50 litres per minute and 580 litres per minute and, where maximum pressure does not exceed 100PSI / 7 BAR. FilStops are available from Atkinson Equipment stockists nationwide.

Meanwhile, West Midlands based Centre Tank Services Limited – perhaps better known as CTS – have announced details of what they claim as ‘the world’s smallest and highest capacity radio controlled filling and overflow prevention device’.

The LRC system consists of a handheld. Portable transmitter unit which can continually monitor the contents of any storage tank and report this information back to a control unit on the tanker. In the event of a potential overflow, the tanker mounted control unit will automatically stop the supply of fuel to the tank – thereby providing an overflow from the tank. For complete peace of mind and reassurance, the transmitter unit transmits on two distinct frequencies – thereby ensuring the system is virtually failsafe. LRC can be easily retrofitted to existing tankers and can also be supplied as standard on many new tankers.

LRC is fully compatible with any tank and aside from home heating installations can also be used for filling trains, ships, boats and aircraft, being suitable for use with petrol, lubricating oils, LPG, kerosene and a wide range of chemicals. The system is also fully compatible with many pre-fitted overfill prevention probes, including LRG, optical systems and TRbF systems – which are standard fit on an increasing number of heating oil tanks.

LRC products are available from CTS agents and stockists nationwide and the system enjoys international service and support, direct from CTS and associated companies across the European Union.