Andrews Launches HEXflo Plate Heat Exchanger For Non Gas Applications – OilFiredUp

Andrews Water Heaters

Andrews Water Heaters’ new HEXflo plate heat exchanger, available from March 2016, provides instantaneous domestic hot water and eliminates the need for a secondary storage vessel. Compatible with a variety of heat sources, it is an effective, efficient alternative if gas fired water heaters are not a suitable option.

The HEXflo plate heat exchanger is designed to provide instantaneous hot water to taps and showers in commercial and public sector buildings. The primary heating side is fed from a buffer store that can be heated by gas or biomass boilers, immersion heaters or CHP units. HEXflo can be fitted as a single appliance or, if larger volumes of hot water are required, as a cascade of up to four units.

Chris Meir, Sales Director at Andrews Water Heaters, said, “Direct gas fired water heaters provide energy efficient hot water in commercial and public sector buildings across the UK, and having separate equipment for the provision of space heating and hot water is generally seen as an efficient approach. However, in some new build applications, design or flue restrictions mean other solutions need to be considered.

“If gas fired water heaters are not a suitable or feasible option, plate heat exchangers are an effective alternative, offering the benefits of being economical, flexible and easy to install and use, while also saving space.”

A 56kW heat exchanger provides rapid heat up, resulting in quick delivery of hot water to taps and showers, and temperatures of up to 95oC can be achieved. An insulated cover provides effective heat retention, and the unit only heats the amount of hot water that is required, saving energy and money.

HEXflo’s ‘plug and play’ controls and the inclusion of primary and direct hot water (DHW) circuit pumps makes installation simple and cost-effective.