As Danish Ban Looms, Heating Oil Shouldn't Be Disadvantaged – Eurofuel – OilFiredUp

Heating Oil Shouldn’t Be Disadvantaged, Says Eurofuel

Eurofuel, which represents heating oil trade associations in the UK and nine other European Union (EU) members states remains concerned that individual countries may take unilateral action to ban heating oil – a decision which Eurofuel claims would run against the principal of the EU internal market.

Eurofuel’s apparent concern follows Denmark’s decision to effectively outlaw oil heating in 2012. Since January 2013, the installation of oil and gas fired heating systems in new buildings has been banned. Next year, as Danes seek to reduce their fossil fuel consumption by 33% over the next 7 years – the installation of oil fired boilers into existing buildings where district heating or natural gas is available will be prohibited.

Eurofuel understands the Danish ban is currently being reviewed by the European Commission. However, since it was first announced, there have been calls in other EU member states for heating oil and other fossil fuels to be progressively withdrawn from use. And with the next phase of the Danish ban taking effect in just 6 months time, there are understandable fears such calls may be repeated.

Writing in the current edition of Eurofuel’s newsletter, a representative for the Brussels based organisation sought to reassure the industry of the organisation’s commitment to heating oil and liquid fuels, “Eurofuel will continue to make the case that oil and / or liquid fuel heating has a long-term role to play and should not be disadvantaged whereas other fossil fuels such as gas are allowed to continue.”