Consumers urged to take control of their energy bills as Power NI announces its biggest price increase since 2013 – OilFiredUp


Power NI to increase electricity tariffs by 13.8% with effect from 1 October 2018

John French, Chief Executive of The Consumer Council, said; “From October, a typical household using Power NI will see their annual electricity cost rise from £497 per year to £565 per year. Our analysis shows that this increase broadly reflects the increases we have seen on the wholesale energy markets. However, we would wish to highlight that households can still make significant savings within the electricity market in Northern Ireland by annually shopping around for the best deal.”

“To support consumers in the switching process, we have a price comparison tool on our website (, which gives bespoke advice for each household. We are also inviting customers to bring a copy of their latest electricity bill to our Energy Switching Workshop on 28 August to see if we can find them a better deal.”

The Consumer Council’s Energy Switching Workshop will take place on Tuesday 28 August from 10am – 4pm at Floor 3, Seatem House, 28 – 32 Alfred Street, Belfast BT2 8EN.

Stephen McCully, Managing Director of Power NI said: “Putting our prices up is the last thing we want to do, but unfortunately we are the mercy of the fluctuating world fuel prices.

“Gas, the main fuel used to generate electricity here has increased significantly by 30% since we last set our prices.”

Consumers in NI have already seen this rise in world fuel costs this year through increases to home heating oil of almost 50% and the cost of diesel at the pumps which has risen 15%.