Grant UK Adds to Vortex Boiler Range – OilFiredUp


Grant UK is set to increase the number of heating outputs on offer in September, with the introduction of new boiler house models, complete with distinctive red casing, to its Vortex oil boiler range.

Boiler house models are ideal for locations which are difficult to access, where a white cased version is not the most appropriate solution. Grant’s existing Vortex Boiler House range consists of four blue range-rated units with heating outputs from 26kW up to 70kW. Later this year, the range will welcome new models to cater for properties that need smaller boilers.

New sizes include 15/21kW and 21/26kW, with the remaining four having 26/35kW, 36/46kW, 46/58kW and 58/70kW outputs. The boilers will continue to be supplied with an externally mounted Riello RDB burner and thermostat, achieving seasonal efficiencies of up to 93.3% (SAP 2009).

The clear distinction between the new boilers and the range’s current boiler house models will be their striking appearance. Grant UK’s brand colour of red is recognised throughout the heating industry and so the new Vortex Boiler House models are entering the market with a red powder-coated casing and black snorkel tube. The new colorway will give these units a fresh look while the casing will deliver durability.

The current blue cased versions within the range will be discontinued. They will however remain available from merchants who have stock of the product when the new red models join circulation. While their colour may differ, both the red and blue cased units consist of the same components to deliver matching high efficiencies and low running costs. Furthermore, like their blue counterparts, the red boiler house models will be compatible with all of Grant’s EZ-Fit flues.

Grant’s oil boiler range now consists of over sixty models, equipping installers with an answer and a solution for the many different demands that their customers need met. The extension of the Vortex Boiler House range further demonstrates Grant’s continued drive to develop innovative and functional products for the off-gas market.