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OilFiredUp Rural Energy News Takes A Closer Look At Jumping Jack

A Northern Ireland technology start-up is promising to make life easier for heating engineers and installers throughout the UK, with an all-new range of emergency jumpstarters and portable chargers.

The result of an intensive product development process undertaken simultaneously in the UK and Far East, the Jumping Jack range comprises no fewer than 4 different models. Capable of charging and recharging smartphones, tablets, laptops and cameras, remarkably every Jumping Jack can also jumpstart petrol and diesel engines too, from just a single charge.

Despite packing a mighty punch, the smallest Jumping Jack, the Superlite model weighs just 225g and can fit into a coat pocket with ease. Even the largest Jumping Jack model, the Supermax, weighs less than 500g and is small enough to fit inside a vehicle glovebox. Yet despite its compact dimensions, inside the Supermax, there’s enough juice to recharge up to seven smartphones or three 13” laptops – all from a single charge. In fact, it’s powerful enough to jumpstart almost any petrol or diesel engine up to 3.0 litres capacity, not just the once… but up to 20 times from an initial charge.

Jumping Jack’s Rick Johnston says, “In today’s world, it’s incredible how dependent we’ve become upon portable power, whether that be smartphones, tablets, laptops or even vehicle batteries.

“That’s especially true for those who spend time working outdoors or on the road, such as estimators, contractors, heating engineers and plumbing technicians. Running out of juice isn’t just an inconvenience, but a missed quote, a lost job or an irate customer. That’s why we invented the Jumping Jack range!”

At OilFiredup Rural Energy News, we decided to put Jumping Jack’s product claims to the test – not least, because we had previously purchased superficially comparable product via eBay and had been left distinctly underwhelmed. We’d no such complaints however with the Jumping Jack product; in our tests, it performed exactly as claimed.

We took a Jumping Jack Supermax unit and used it jumpstart a Volvo S40 saloon car, before next jumpstarting a Vauxhall Vivaro van and then recharging a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone… all of which it handled with ease. We then recharged the unit and used it to charge a 13” Lenovo laptop and an iPod Nano in a single afternoon… and again, the Supermax handled it just fine, with juice left to spare.

As well as being impressed by Jumping Jack, we were equally as impressed by the range of accessories supplied with it. There’s a USB connector, a micro USB connector, a 30 pin connector and a ‘lightning’ style connector, to ensure compatibility with iPhones, iPads and iPods. And as you’d expect, there’s a pair of vehicle jump leads supplied as standard too, all contained within an attractive zipped case which usefully stores the plug-in USB charger unit.

With prices starting from just £55 for the Jumping Jack range and an incredible £9.99 for the complimentary Little Jack range, we can’t think of a good reason not to buy one, especially if you spend your day on the road or on the tools. To order online or simply to find out more, visit Chiffchaff Outdoor or the Jumping Jack website.