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QSS Tanks Goes Into Liquidation

OilFiredUp understands oil tank manufacturer Quality Storage Solutions Limited (QSS Ltd.) has been placed into voluntary liquidation. The Worcestershire based company, which manufactured and supplied diesel and heating oil tanks under the QSS brand, is understood to have been in financial difficulty for some time.

Originally established in 2002, QSS Ltd. initially specialised in the supply and distribution of tanks manufactured by third parties. Later, the company established a manufacturing plant at Hartlebury Trading Estate near the Worcestershire town of Kidderminster. The company’s range comprised both plastic and steel tanks, available in a range of capacities from 1,000 litres to c.5,000 litres.

Following a period of sustained growth, in 2011 QSS Ltd. acquired an additional production unit and announced plans to double capacity. However, despite ambitious plans for growth, by the end of July 2012 – the last full year for which accounts are currently available – the company had just £344 cash in the bank.

The company primarily distributed its products through fuel distributors and plumbers’ merchants, together with a smaller number of large tank installers; the company differentiated itself largely upon the basis of price, significantly undercutting established players.

Given the extent of the company’s financial troubles, it is thought unlikely a buyer will be found for the company.

CORRECTION: The original version of this article stated, “…despite QSS products being promoted as “manufactured in accordance with OFTEC guidelines’, not a single QSS heating oil tank was listed as being OFCERT licensed in the most recent edition of OFTEC’s Equipment Directory”.Mr. Robert Ward, Director of Quality Storage Solutions Limited contacted OilFiredUp.com to express concern the original article was misleading by omission; since all QSS tanks had previously been independently tested, licensed and certified in accordance with OFTEC’s OFS T100 standard. OilFiredUp.com accepts that all QSS tanks had indeed previously been tested, licensed and certified in accordance with OFTEC’s OFS T100 standard. Additionally, the original article did not distinguish between Quality Storage Solutions Limited and QSS branded products. OilFiredUp.com confirms that despite Quality Storage Solutions Limited being in liquidation, QSS’s product range remains available from another manufacturer under a different brand. This article has subsequently been amended.

OilFiredUp.com apologises sincerely for any errors or omissions contained within the article as originally published.