The Appointment Of Greg Clark & The New Department Of Business, Energy And Industrial Strategy – OilFiredUp


Greg Clark, new secretary of state for the department of business, energy and industrial strategy

The prime minister’s office has confirmed that the department of energy and climate change (DECC) is to be abolished. Responsibility for energy policy will now be the remit of the department of business, energy and industrial strategy.

Greg Clark, former head of the department for communities and local government, is the new secretary of state for the department of business, energy and industrial strategy.

Mark Askew Chief Executive of the FPS, comments: “We are pleased Greg Clark has been appointed the new Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. We look forward to working with him constructively to develop a clear strategy and policy roadmap for the off grid energy sector and the future of heating oil. Over the past six years we have developed a positive working relationship with both DECC and BiS so we are looking forward to this continuing with the new department.”

“There are, at this moment in time, a number of key issues affecting the off-grid heating sector and the FPS has already written to Mr Clark to push for an early opportunity to discuss these issues in order to tackle some of the key areas both for the heating oil industry and the customers whom they serve.

These range from showing the Government the work our industry has done to deal with vulnerable customers, the lengths fuel distributors will go to ensure that people do not run out of oil and the fact that they deliver to the remotest parts of the country through to highlighting proposals for hybrid heating systems and the need for a simple boiler scrappage scheme which will both save consumers money whilst simultaneously reducing CO2emissions to the atmosphere. The FPS is pushing for the Government to recognise the fact that heating oil is a credible alternative for off grid customers. Customers have a large number of suppliers from which to choose making the cost of heating oil very competitive. The last independent report on pricing by Sutherland Tables showed that heating oil was yet again the cheapest form of energy. Cheaper than gas, electricity, LPG and renewable heating sources such as Wood pellets and air source heat pump radiators.

Furthermore, the FPS working with OFTEC, the trade association representing the interests of oil storage, appliance and supply equipment manufacturers, is soon to launch a new tank awareness campaign to encourage consumers to look after their tanks and consider replacing the estimated 400,000 single skins models still in use in Great Britain which are over 20 years old and beyond their design life. It would be great if we could get the Government behind this initiative and so will be highlighting its benefits to Mr Clark and his new department as well as all the MPs who represent rural constituents.”

The FPS has a website which gives consumers detailed advice and information on how to get the best from their heating oil and details on the new Tank Safe Campaign will be on there soon.