Trianco Unveils New Aztec Easyfit Electric Boiler – OilFiredUp


Despite sales of oil heating equipment having risen sharply this year, off-mains there remain a significant number of properties where the installation of an oil-fired heating system remains either impractical or unviable. At such properties, electricity remains a popular choice – especially where space is limited or the installation of a flue will prove problematic.

Whilst Trianco might be best known as an oil boiler manufacturer, the Sheffield based company has a long history producing electric boilers. The Aztec Easyfit is the latest addition to the company’s electric boiler range and presents a whole heating solution with boiler and cylinder combined, to minimise space requirements.

Designed to provide both direct hot water (DHW) and heating to the home, for either standard radiators or underfloor heating, Easyfit has outputs of 6kW, 9kW or 12kW and is fully plumbed to required European standards. The electric boiler fitted is Trance’s own Aztec Classic model, supported by an ERP approved, high performance 210 litres capacity cylinder – fully insulated and plumbed neatly to required pipework.

The Easyfit is supplied complete with room programmer that ensures hot water can be stored at any desired temperature between 25 degrees and 65 degrees and combines an additional feature of automatic “boost”, which takes the temperature to in excess of 60 degrees once a week to eliminate the potential risk of legionella. A cylinder thermostat and 12 litre expansion vessel is also included in the Easyfit pack, with the complete unit measuring 75cm tall, 75cm wide and 154cm tall.

All Aztec electric boilers are manufactured by Trianco in the UK and are ERP approved.