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Eurofuel Appoint OFTEC’s Jeremy Hawksley As Interim President

Eurofuel which claims to represent the interests of both British and European heating oil users, has confirmed the appointment of The Oil Firing Technical Association’s Director General Jeremy Hawksley, as Interim President of Eurofuel.

Mr. Hawksley’s tenure will commence on 1st March 2015 and he will remain in position until at least June, during which time he will also remain Director General of OFTEC. As well as being Director General of OFTEC, Mr. Hawksley has been a member of the Eurofuel Board of Directors since 2007. In his new role, Mr. Hawksley replaces Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Küchen, who is leaving Eurofuel’s German member IWO to become the Director of the Association of the German Petroleum Industry (MWV).

A spokesperson for Eurofuel said, “On behalf of all Eurofuel members and the Secretary General, we would like to welcome Jeremy Hawksley as an interim President.

“We also most warmly and sincerely thank Prof. Christian Küchen for his tremendous involvement in the association. As an active President since December 2005, Prof. Küchen has driven the oil heating industry forward and defined an ambitious and visionary action plan for the sector towards 2020 and beyond. Thanks to his deep involvement in the association, he has contributed to establishing Eurofuel as an important and well-respected stakeholder in the EU.

“We wish Prof. Küchen all the best in his future endeavours.”