Hytek launches New Overfill Warning Alarm – OilFiredUp

Fuelling and lubrication equipment specialist Hytek is launching a battery operated, high level alarm to help prevent over filling of fuel tanks.

For use with heating oil, diesel and biodiesel blends of up to B100, the compact alarm is just 90mm square with a high power sounder that reaches 97db at 1m to attract attention if fuel rises above the desired level.

Ideal where space is limited, the Hytek alarm fits perfectly into small spaces or hatches and in bunded or double skinned tanks.

Andy Seal, Sales Director at Hytek said: “In order to meet Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG) and building regulations, most tanks now require bunding. This is why we have designed a small yet effective alarm system which will alert people and help to prevent accidents.”  

Hytek’s alarm also has a flashing light on top and a mute button gives users the option to stop the sounder whilst the light still flashes. Andy adds, “The high level alarm is a cost effective, versatile way to monitor fuel delivery and ensure that there is no overflow.”

The alarm float switch is supplied with a 3 metre cable.  Hytek products are sold only through distributors. For a copy of the catalogue or for more information call Hytek on 01279 815600 or visit Hytek Online.