Implications of running out of home heating oil – OilFiredUp

Forgetting to order your home heating oil, could mean you face more implications for your home than simply feeling a bit cold and running out of hot water for your shower in the morning.

When you run out of your home heating oil quicker than you expected, think of these questions:

* When was the last home heating oil top up? * Have you changed the frequency of your heating on your timer? * Have you increased the temperature on the thermostat? * Have you recently turned on some additional radiators in the house? * Is your oil tank secure, or have you been the victim of fuel theft?

* Is the boiler working properly? When was the last time you had it serviced?

The implications of running out of home heating oil.

After you have identified the cause, there are implications of running out of home heating. Whilst many people fear that running out will damage their boiler, there is a safety mechanism built in to it so that it will switch off the burner if there is no oil to combust. However it may result in clogged filters and fuel lines. This is due to the dirt and residue that collects at the bottom of your oil tank becoming lodged in the lines, and it could require a heating engineer to call out and clean these, which is an additional cost you could avoid.
Once you have a heating oil top up, you may also have to reset the system. If your radiators have been off for a while, you may also need to bleed these and release any trapped air inside, to ensure they work most efficiently again.

How can you prevent this in future?

It’s the age old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’. To avoid running out of home heating oil here are a few recommendations:

* Monitor your oil tank contents with an electronic tank gauge. * Protect against theft. Get a secure tank lock and be aware of any reported fuel theft crimes in your neighbourhood. * Order your oil in plenty of time – don’t leave it until the last minute when bad weather and other external influences could delay delivery

* Register with an oil company who will monitor your oil levels for you and keep you oil topped up