OpenRoom's Fuel Distribution Forum Returns For 2014 – OilFiredUp


After a two-year break, OpenRoom’s Fuel Distribution Forum returns again, providing leading heating oil distributors across the UK and Republic of Ireland with the opportunity to meet suppliers for a day of networking opportunities.

This year’s programme, includes a topical opening session together with a series of ‘speed meetings’ – individually tailored to each participant’s preferences. The Fuel Distribution Forum takes place in the Spanish city of Barcelona, 11-12 June 2014 at the Majestic Hotel & Spa. Situated in the cultural heart of the city, the Forum runs back-to-back with OpenRoom’s well-established PetroForum UK.

The Fuel Distribution Forum is designed around a formula of matching fuel distributors with manufacturers and suppliers to the industry, for a programme of one-to-one meetings and networking. Acknowledging the fuel distribution industry’s hands-on reputation, OpenRoom have responded to delegates’ concerns of being away from the office for any longer than is necessary.. This year’s event is slightly truncated, condensing the full programme into 24 hours, but still offering participants the same number of meetings, to maximise formal and informal networking opportunities.

Delegate reservations are available to fuel distributors from across the British Isles. For more information, visit the OpenRoom website.