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Pickles Approves BRE Housing Development

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles MP, has recently granted outline planning permission for a 100 unit sustainable housing development on part of BRE’s headquarters site in Watford.

The original development proposals had been previously turned down by St Albans City & District Council, but BRE successfully appealed the decision.  The Secretary of State agreed with the planning inspector’s recommendation to approve the scheme, concluding that the proposals had been shown to be sustainable development. The proposed housing scheme will be constructed on the northern part of BRE’s site, on a 3 hectare plot, currently occupied by a number of commercial buildings.

Chief Executive of BRE, Dr Peter Bonfield, said ‘I am pleased with this decision by the Secretary of State. We are committed to delivering an exemplary development that we can be proud of that will benefit the new residents and the local community in general. We look forward to working with local stakeholders to enable these outcomes’

BRE plans to use the funds generated from the development to upgrade its research and testing facilities, to invest in new science and to contribute to pension funding.