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Smart Energy GB Seeks National Partners

As part of it’s wider consumer engagement campaign for smart meters, Smart Energy GB is looking for a major delivery partner and national partners to help make sure that absolutely everyone in Great Britain can benefit from smart energy monitoring.

By 2020, every electricity and gas user in Great Britain will be offered the opportunity to install a smart meter by their utility provider. At present, there are no plans to extend the scheme to consumers using heating oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or solid fuel.

The smart meter rollout is set to transform the way consumers in England, Scotland and Wales buy and use gas and electricity. The major delivery partner will be a trusted national retailer with an extensive footprint across Scotland, Wales and England, and will work with Smart Energy GB until the end of the campaign.

Smart Energy GB is also looking for national partners across England, Scotland and Wales to help engage particular audiences with characteristics that may act as barriers to realising the benefits of smart meters. In 2016, Smart Energy GB specifically wants to engage people with memory or learning impairments and their carers, prepayment customers, off-gas grid customers, district heating customers, social housing tenants and private tenants.

Both the major delivery partner and the national partners will be extremely well trusted amongst their communities, and will have credibility in talking about the smart meter rollout throughout their networks.

Sacha Deshmukh, Chief Executive of Smart Energy GB, says, “Our task is to reach every household in Great Britain. Our success and ability to reach and engage the breadth of the British population is dependent on having partnerships from across the private, public and voluntary sectors, and we’re really excited to start talking to organisations that can help us engage consumers in a meaningful way.”