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Tesla Unveils Powerwall Solar Energy Storage Battery

Best known for its electric cars, Tesla Motors’ Chief Executive Elon Musk caused something of a stir on Friday when he unveiled what is described as ‘the future of energy for a sustainable home’, during a keynote presentation on Friday.

The company’s new Powerwall home battery system, allows homeowners, householders and business owners to harvest and store energy from solar panels during the hours of daylight in a lithium-ion battery and use it during the hours of darkness. In the event of a power failure, the Powerwall will automatically switch to battery mode, helping protect consumers from power outages.

Initially, Tesla’s Powerwall will be available in a choice of 2 capacities – a US$3,000 (c.£2,000) 7kWh Daily Cycle model and a US$3,500 (c.£2,350) 10kWh Weekly Cycle model, with stated prices excluding inverter and installation. Up to 9 modules will play friendly together. The Californian company will also be introducing a 100kWh version – aimed squarely at commercial and industrial users – which will cost US$25,000 (c.£17,000).

Compatible with both single phase and three phase connections, the Powerwall has an operational temperature range from -20°C to +43°C and is suitable for either internal of external installation. With a height of 51.2” (1.3m), a width of 33.9” (0.86m) and a depth of just 7.1” (0.18cm), the Powerwall is designed to be wall-mounted. Maximum output is 2.0kW continuous, with a peak power output of 3.3kW.

Order books have already opened for US customers, with the first deliveries to installers expected later this Summer. UK availability has still to be confirmed.